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Electronic tracking of security guards
  • At B-Earth & Spire we keep electronic trace of our guards’ physical presence at the ATM. The technology deployed tracks movement of security guards every 15 seconds. If an ATM guard moves beyond a distance (which is adjusted between 5 meters to 25 meters) limit from the ATM; our tracker sends live data to our server which helps us take corrective action immediately.
24X7 Control Room
  • 24 hour-a-day control center to provide management supervision to our field staff and to direct supervisors to potential problem situations as they arise.
  • To ensure performance from each officer, a prescheduled review and evaluation of each deployed personnel is undertaken. Supervisors are trained on every post located within their assigned areas. A specialized security trainer pre-trains and re-trains personnel assigned to each project.
Standard Training
Training in phase 1 will be given in the following fields:
  • Gate security and traffic control
  • Fire and safety hazards observation
  • Unusual incidence reports
  • Alarms and electrical key punch entry
  • Surveillance
  • Goods movement (as applicable)
Site Specific Instructions
  • The security supervisors and management personnel work closely with the client’s management staff to determine site-specific needs.
Guard Efficiency Tracking
  • In order to track each guards efficiency in customer and site handling and rate their eligibility for reward at the end of each month, we track the training/performance rating filed by the central trainer with inputs from the client for each guard every month.
Issue addressing and tracking technology & process
  • The moment the guard notices any issue, he reports the same to our 24X7 helpdesk which in turn enters the same into our proprietary Software “In-Site” from where it is tracked till the point of resolution. The tracking process has pre-defined matrix with time bound escalation.
Expedited “First Hand Incidence Report” (FHIR)
  • Projects require detailed written reports of each major incidence that may occur. Our team prepares and delivers these reports “FHIR” on the same business day. The report is routed to the client as per the escalation matrix to ensure that it reaches the designated official in time for information/ action.