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I. Workstations cleaning
  • (a). Trained IT Cleaning Staff
  • (b). Compressed Air Blowing
  • (c). Micro Fiber Dusting
  • (d). Workstation and phone disinfecting
II. Chairs Cleaning
  • (a). Vacuum
  • (b). Shampooing and Steam Cleaning
  • (c). Disinfect Arm/ Levers/Back
  • (d). Workstation Wall Panel Cleaning
III. Carpet Cleaning
  • (a). Vacuum
  • (b). Pre treatment
  • (c). Dry Foam Application
  • (d). Injection/Extraction
IV. Health Management
  • (a). Physical, Chemical & Bacteriological Tests Of Water
  • (b). Pantry/Cafeteria Staff Medical Tests (for Infectious Diseases)
  • (c). Chemical Selection, Storage & Handling
V. Germ Meter
  • At B-Earth & Spire, We use special cleanliness measurement devices which
    measure the level of “Adenosine Triphosphate”, the universal energy
    molecule found in bacteria (germs). These devices help us measure
    and benchmark our cleaning standards..
VI. Shino Meter
  • At B-Earth & Spire, our floor restoration services use global state of the art
    floor shine measurement technology to measure the shine on your floor before
    and after the restoration service. The reading is taken each time at the same
    angle and under the same light lux level to assure a comparable sample.
VII. Training in specialized area of pantry/cafeteria
  • Pre-deployment and post–deployment training encompasses
    etiquettes, grooming, utensils washing process which involves
    ensuring complete removal of all detergents at the end of
    each wash cycle and the art of serving guests including
    smooth “ergonomics” via serving from the right side.
  • (a). Vending Machine Cleaning
  • (b). Refrigerator Cleaning
  • (c). Expired Items
  • (d). Organized Pantry/Cafeteria
  • (e). Utensils